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Patti’s trusty assistant gives her view as a twenty something, single girl with unlimited advice from Patti at her fingertips.

The 10 best messages I received on

 1. “Your brunette friend is beautiful.” Hitting on my friend is an interesting approach. Does that work? Is that a thing? 2. “My aunt has horses.” I know. 3. “I’m luring girls to my apartment with candy; which do you prefer, Skittles or M&M's?” Because I’ve always wanted to be on Dateline. Read more

Finding the perfect roommate

Sometimes having a roommate means living with your best friend and always having a partner in crime. For those less fortunate, having a bad roommate will ruin your home life. I've had both. The best one was my childhood friend, Carley. We lived together during our sophomore year of college and both brought our horses to school with us. Aside from that, we had varying schedules so we weren’t always on top of each other. And my worst roommate? I’ll leave her name out, but she had a dog she didn’t bother house training, along with a live-in boyfriend. I’ve had roommates in Pullman, New York and LA, some of which I knew and others I didn’t. Here are a few things I recommend that you consider when searching for your next roommate. Read more

Twenty four: Why your ’20s are awesome

Single in the City: Turning 24
I recently turned twenty-four. 2. 4. That’s MID TWENTIES. I spent the week leading up to my birthday having an unnecessary panic attack and when my birthday passed, I didn't feel any different. You should embrace life at every age but if you’re a 20-something, here’s my advice to surviving your own mid-twenties crisis (because really, it's not a crisis). 1. Create something No matter how many hours you work to pay your bills, you can still make time to create something that is only yours. Figure out what makes you tick, because right now we have the energy to work and play. And beyond that, we have the time to make something out of anything. Paint. Draw. Sing. Dance. Live with wolves and write a book about it. Whatever you’ve always wanted to try, now is the time. Read more

The balancing act

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but when Jack grows up to be very rich, he will laugh at all of us from a lounge chair looking out at his infinity pool. At least, that’s what I tell myself after a 70-hour work week. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I’m 23 and I didn’t move to Hollywood to spend my weekends merely recuperating. Competition in today’s workplace is fierce. My friends and I graduated in a tough economy and many of us work in entertainment -- an industry that demands long hours and moves quickly. Achieving a work-life balance is further complicated by technology and the illusion that just because we can communicate messages instantly, we should. As a Personal Assistant, I’m usually on-call 24/7 -- here are a few of my survival tips for busy girls like me. Read more

Bittersweet wedding blues

Patia on bittersweet wedding blues
I met Jessica in third grade. She stood by me even after I projectile vomited on the audience during our fourth grade choir concert. So I stood by her even when she disclosed she had chosen Infinity Dresses for her bridesmaids. When we arrived at the three-chair salon in rural Puyallup, Washington, I quickly Googled pictures of my desired hairstyle, knowing that my vision left to interpretation by this stylist would be reminiscent of homecoming 2004. We all took turns getting our hair done, sipped mimosas and put together wedding programs. As anticipated, the hair stylist/anti-Christ French-braided my bangs and secured my tightly wound curls with hairspray that has most likely caused permanent damage to my respiratory system. Read more

Patti’s birthday bash

Patia Eaton and Ashlynn Yennie at Blushington
It’s hard to believe I ever had a nine-to-five job where we celebrated coworkers’ birthdays at an awkward table in our office kitchen or copy room. Last thursday, my boss lady celebrated her birthday and launch of at Koi in Hollywood. With help from our ladies at SheKnows, we threw a star-studded event complete with a performance by A Fine Frenzy and a three-foot masterpiece from Charm City Cakes West. Who did I spend my day prepping with? Ashlynn Yennie. I get that it looks like I have one friend in ALL of Los Angeles, but I SWEAR I’m branching out. Read more