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The Secret to Looking Younger for Longer

Woman receives facial making her skin look young
The better question is probably, who doesn’t?  While in my 20’s, I used to come home each month with the newest edition of Shape or Fitness magazines.  My husband would tease and say, “Let me guess.  The secret to being thin is eating less and exercising more.”  Although this is an overly simplistic view, it is not that far from the truth. Taking care of your skin is very much the same.  The answer to prolonging your youth can be summed up in two words…EARLY MAINTENANCE. Read more

Pay Attention to Your Presentation!

Okay folks- how many of you know someone who refuses to FaceTime with you because they hate the way they look on screen? Maybe you yourself refuse to indulge in the taking of selfies - hating to be reminded of the imperfection that always seems to catch your eye in the mirror… Read more