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Summer shoes millionaires should buy their ladies

Summer is almost here and if that isn’t an occasion to celebrate your number one lady, I don’t know what is! Getting your gal a “just because” gift will earn you major brownie points. And it’s a fantastic way to kick off the new season. Shoes are always an appreciated gift. So, I picked a few out that I think just about any lady would love. Read more

5 of the hottest little white dresses perfect for summer dates

I'm such a fan of summer. The days are longer and the skirts are shorter and everything feels so casual and fun. My fashion changes a lot in the summer…and I mean beyond just my shorter skirts! I like to look less done up and more natural in the summer. And I find that some of my winter clothes are too stiff for my summer style. This especially feels true with my go to little black dresses. They're just a bit too formal. Read more