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Dating Exclusively Before Diving Into A Relationship

Since becoming a single mom more than five years ago, I’ve gone through a lot of changes – especially in my dating life. I’m sure many single parents can relate. For awhile I bounced back and forth between playing the field and not dating at all to focus on my son and myself.  At the time, seeing a man one or two times and then moving on to the next was easier for me than anything committal.  Casually dating meant I didn’t have to worry about getting my heart broken, giving up my freedom or introducing anyone to my son. Read more

Dating After Divorce: When To Take The Single Out Of Single Mom

Worried single mother figures out when to date again
Figuring out when to start dating post breakup or divorce isn’t always easy, and it can be especially hard for single parents. Everyone’s situation is different and depending on the circumstances surrounding your split, you may need time for the emotional dust to settle before looking for love again. As you’re easing into a new routine with your kid(s) you might feel too overwhelmed to even think about dating – and that’s okay! Read more