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Don’t Get Scared to Get Down n’ Dirty

Girl on edge of bed after sex
I was reading some magazine where some very old-fashioned relationship “expert” was talking about being embarrassed hearing about how some women talk dirty in the bedroom. She was saying how she believed women should still be “ladies” and that the media was trivializing sex. Here’s the thing… Read more

Tie me Up: How to Try Bondage for the First Time

Bondage materials
“Let’s try bondage. I want you to tie me up and do me,” is something most men don’t mind hearing. My friend, let’s call him George, has waited his whole life for a woman to say these words. George is the kind of bloke who admits he watches porn all the time after a couple Old Fashions. They always confess to the sex expert that they want to tie a woman up just like in their favorite porn… Read more