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3 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Vibrator

Today I want to bring into the open a subject that gets me tons of emails, but never seems to be talked about openly. It’s something that seems to affect so many of you; I’m surprised it’s not an epidemic. Millions of you are having bad sex regularly, and nothing is happening to change it for you. You feel trapped in a cycle of bad sex, and you’re starving for an orgasm that you haven’t given yourself. The truth is you’ve convinced yourself you can’t have an orgasm now without a vibrator, and now no man can compete. Here’s the truth. Read more

Stop the Breakup/Makeup Cycle: When to Call it Quits

You’re in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be working, so you break up to get a better perspective- but then the minute the loneliness of singledom and the realization of being without your partner kicks in, you suddenly question your decision. It is normal to seek the comfort and familiarity of a recent ex, but when it turns into a recurring practice of breakups and makeups, can the relationship ever really recover?

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How to Masturbate


Being able to please yourself is one of the most important steps in cultivating an amazing sex life. The great thing about masturbating is that you get to do it whenever you want and whether you’re in a relationship or not it’s important to know exactly how and where you like to be touched.

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Are Anti-depressants Killing Your Sex Drive?

Dear Emily,I’ve been on anti-depressants for years, and also have disabling period cramps, so my gynecologist has put me on a medication to stop my period entirely. I can function, and do not have to miss days of work now, but I have no sex drive. I feel awful that I can’t give my husband what I want to, but I also don’t want to be in pain or feel depressed. How can I have sex and not be in awful pain? Thanks so much for any advice you have for me! Taylor
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SEXplorations: Five Ways to Have More Adventurous Sex

Couple gets frisky and sexually explorative in the bedroom

What’s your favorite meal?

Now imagine having it every day, or even every couple of days.

No matter how great it is, chances are, you are going to start craving something a little different.

The same goes for sex. No matter how great your sex life is, doing the same thing over and over again will feel like a routine.

Here’s the good news: it’s easier than you think to bring adventure back into your lovemaking! To help you get the sex you’re craving, here are five easy ways to spice up your sex life. Read more

G-spot Orgasm, Anyone?

Some people consider the G-spot the holy grail of female sexual pleasure, while others question its very existence. Scientists declared in 2011 that the G-spot is an extension of the clitoris and completely made up. All I know is that little bunch of nerve endings can provide a whole lot of pleasure, if you know how to find and pleasure it. Read more