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How to be the best partner when you’re not your best self

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I go through periods of major funks. I’m not clinically diagnosed with anything and I don’t want to say I’m dealing with anything close to those who do have diagnoses. I just have days or periods of days in a row when I'm not quite myself. I’m telling this to you guys because I think it’s important to be open about our mental health and realize that even people who are generally emotionally healthy have times in their lives when they’re not 100%. I think of it like my general health. I have a healthy body and immune system, but I still sometimes get sick. Read more

How to deal when your partner has anxiety

Absolutely every single person has their battles. A battle that isn't talk about as much as it should be is anxiety. Diagnosed or not, many people suffer with various degrees of anxiety disorders and there’s a chance that someone you love could be dealing with one. When you're in a new relationship and you see something like anxiety rear its ugly head, it can be scary... especially if you've never encountered anxiety before. Here’s how to deal. Read more