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The right time to ask if he wants kids

A lot of my girlfriends and clients in their late 20s and early 30s have shared the same experience with me. They’ve gotten in deep with a dude, brought up their timelines for having kids and the guy said he doesn’t want kids. By that point, the ladies have wasted months, if not years, of their time dating someone they could never end up with and they feel terrible about it. But, when was the right time to bring having kids up? It only makes sense to ask about kids when you’re serious about the guy, right? Wrong! Don’t waste your time (or his) by waiting to ask about having kids together. You should do it way earlier, no matter if you want kids or don’t. Here are the right times to ask if he wants kids. Read more

When to tell a guy you don’t want kids

If you’re a single woman who doesn’t want kids, you’re probably wondering when to bring that up with a new guy you’re dating. Because wanting a family is considered “normal” for women, a lot of dudes just assume the girl they’re with wants kids. Of course that’s not always the case. A lot of women out there don’t feel the draw to motherhood and that’s 100% normal, too. But, it is something you need to be sure you express in your relationship. Here’s exactly when to do it. Read more