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Why Online Dating Is Dying and Why It’s a Good Thing!

Online dating sites
Over the last 20 years online dating has grown to become a massive industry. As a matter of fact most people do not realize it but the online dating industry is actually the 3rd largest online industry, just behind music and movie. YES! It is REALLY that big. Billions of dollars have been spent off the idea that the perfect person maybe waiting for you online. Today you can find tens of thousands of online dating sites all around the world; something for every interest, location, or lifestyle. From Millionaire sites, to dating site for those with STD’s, to dating for self-proclaimed geeks; it’s all there for the taking. Online dating is truly everywhere, but now that there are so many specialized sites on offer what affect does that have on the overall online dating market? Read more

I Dare You

Living in West Hollywood is amazing. On one block of Santa Monica Blvd. you can grab a drink at the best bars in Boystown. Just north on Sunset, you have some of the greatest restaurants and just down Robertson,  you have some of the best shopping in town. In my fantasy, Channing Tatum and I do all of the above except he pays for everything on his Amex Black Card. A boy can dream. Read more