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How to help your boo with anxiety

Anxiety problems are becoming more and more part of the conversation recently and I’m totally here for it. I’m seeing bloggers, celebrities and friends all come out from the shadows and share that they have anxiety issues. There’s no shame or blame in suffering from anxiety. What’s so great about more people stepping forward to talk about their problems is that more people are realizing they could be suffering from anxiety and seeking the help they need. Awareness is so important because it helps people stop suffering in silence. Read more

How to deal when your partner has anxiety

Absolutely every single person has their battles. A battle that isn't talk about as much as it should be is anxiety. Diagnosed or not, many people suffer with various degrees of anxiety disorders and there’s a chance that someone you love could be dealing with one. When you're in a new relationship and you see something like anxiety rear its ugly head, it can be scary... especially if you've never encountered anxiety before. Here’s how to deal. Read more

Can Your Diet Make you Calmer?

Sugar drops into coffee, two items that can make you less calm
Feeling a little cranky and anxious? Changing your diet up may help—cut down or eliminate these foods for a healthier and happier attitude. Read more