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Carol Cottrill shares nutrition advice based around love and romance.

Banish the Bloat

Woman squeezes her bloated belly
Can the food you eat cause bloating, or worse yet, create a food intolerance that guarantees the dreaded pooch?  Could be.  Here’s a list of foods to banish and beat the bloat: Read more

Is Your Cleansing Diet Worth the Headache?

Juicer extracting juice from vegetables
Do you feel like your body needs a re-boot?  Are you tempted to drink your way back into your summer bikini with a juice cleanse or fast?

Squeezing Out Food

We all encounter chemicals in our foods (colorants and preservatives), water (chlorine), and air (carbon monoxide). These toxins build up in the body and cause inflammation and a weakened immune system, making us easy prey for colds, headaches, arthritis and serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease.  The theory behind juice cleanses is that when the body is free from the burden of digestion, it can better expel the toxins we take in resulting in optimum health, a mental advantage and guaranteed weight loss. Read more

Eat your way to healthier and stronger hair

woman eats a salad for healthier hair
The condition of your hair is a clear indication of your overall health. If your locks are looking a bit damaged, chances are you’re stressed, and even possibly deficient on B vitamins.  Dry and dull hair means you need more vitamin A rich foods, like dark-green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and apricots.  If you're losing hair and your scalp is dry you may have a zinc deficiency--foods rich in zinc include nuts, seafood, eggs and legumes. Essential fatty acids found in fish and nuts also help a dry scalp and dry hair. Read more

Slip into Your Summer Bikini by Staying Diet Free

Woman enjoys the sun in a bikini
Spring has sprung, and so have we.  Summer is right around the corner, yet our winter body spills over the new bedazzled bikini we felt sure to slip into this year.  And why shouldn’t we expect a bikini bod?  We followed through on the post holiday cleanse craze making the rounds with celebs and real people alike that guaranteed a ten-pound weight loss- right? Read more

Purging Processed Foods

A group on processed donuts
Elevate the quality of your food, and you will naturally eat less because high-quality, nutrient-dense food delivers the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients we need to feel satisfied. Eating poor-quality, nutrient-deficient food is like trying to fill a bottomless black hole—it just can’t be done. Your body and brain working together sense the deficiencies, and before you know it a survival strategy kicks in, leaving you hungry for more. —The French Twist: Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management We asked Patti’s Twitter followers what nutritional questions they wanted answered. Alison asked, “I’d like to start eating fewer processed foods, but I’m not sure where to start. Suggestions?”  Read more

Feeling the Love on Valentine’s Day

woman learns to feel love on valentine's day
Way before the Millionaire Matchmaker, the French had their own custom for scoring a date on Valentine’s Day. In une loterie d’amour—a drawing for love—single people of all ages gathered in houses that faced one another and proceeded to call out through the windows in an effort to make a match, until the men and women eventually paired off. The pairings weren’t perfect—sometimes the ladies were much more attractive to the men from far away. And let’s face it: screaming from across the street leaves a large margin of error when it comes to matchmaking. Read more