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3 Ways to be a successful matchmaker

I’m a professional matchmaker. Setting up people is my jam. I come from a long line of matchmakers. So, these set up skills basically came naturally to me. I feel like I was born knowing how to do this. But, if you want to be a matchmaker or just set up a new couple, there are really easy-to-learn skills you can pick up to make your matches more successful. Here are three of the easiest. Read more

Patti Stanger To Lecture At The Matchmaking Institute in LA!

Today, I have some amazing news that I am excited to share: Patti Stanger is teaming up with Matchmaking Institute to offer a community of aspiring and established matchmakers the once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to learn all of her secrets for success in the matchmaking industry! Read more

36 questions to find love: Experiment RESULTS

Having been a matchmaker for close to 20 years, I was fascinated by the New York Times article about the 36 questions survey to fall in love, and knew I had to put my curiosity into action! Last month I banded together with 6 of my fellow matchmakers and we planned an event where 24 individuals were set up at a bar and asked to go through the 36 questions as a couple. Read more

A Key Tool For First Date Success

A hugely important aspect of my job as matchmaker is to coach my clients on their dating techniques so that they are set up for ultimate dating success! I have a whole arsenal of tips that I give to clients, but lately I have been insisting that all of the singles that I match do something a little out of the box. Read more