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Patti’s trusty assistant gives her view as a twenty something, single girl with unlimited advice from Patti at her fingertips.

5 Love lessons that I’ve learned from Patti

Patti's assistant recalls her best love lessons from Patti
Dear Patti, My birthday wish for you is to meet your soulmate -- a man of integrity who shares your spirituality and passion for life! Love, Patia P.S. -- Here are five love lessons and five of my best memories of you. Thanks for always being there! Read more

A Single in the City girls’ night

Dry Bar for a girls' night out
Since dating has been going SO well for me, I decided it was time for a girl’s night. No.  Boyz. Allowed. I met Ashlynn when I first moved to New York City three years ago. We were standing outside a bar in Midtown (weird) and she was smoking a cig like the coolest person I’ve ever met. It was love at first sight. She taught me how to order my first drink!  Now, we’re pretty much inseparable, hence moving cross country together. We’re also bonded by insanely curly hair. So what better way to treat ourselves than to leave our mane-taming to the pros? Read more

Hollie in Hollywood

Patia Eaton's adventures in Hollywood
When I moved to California last October, I had just spent about a year's worth of time unsuccessfully applying for jobs in human resources. That September, though, prior to moving, I got a call from Bill Lawrence, a bada** celebrity horse trainer. Since I’d grown up owning and showing horses, Bill asked if I’d help him out on a film that happened to be shooting where I was living at the time, Seattle. When I got to the set, I was costumed as a college cheerleader and told I’d be running from a buffalo. Very A-list stuff, no? Anyway, after escaping my cubicle for those three days of filming, I knew there was no going back. I quit my job in HR and left for Hollywood with not much more than an air mattress. Hollie Bilbrey, one of my closest friends from back home, encouraged me to take the leap of faith. So, when she booked a trip out to visit me, you can understand why I was thrilled to show her my new town. Read more

Three sites, three dates and two dudes

Patti Stanger's assistant give online dating a whirl
After a crazy week at work, the last thing I feel like doing is hitting the bar scene. But having moved to L.A. less than a year ago, meeting people can be challenging. Of course, chance romantic introductions are more appealing than scouting profiles, but, with my schedule, I like the idea that I can get more information before deciding to carve out a night for someone. So, I entered the world of online dating. My initial plan was to join three different sites, go on three different dates and sit down to write a clear cut analysis of which service truly delivered. This is not how it ends. Read more

Redecorating post-breakup

Patti Stanger's assistant redecorates post breakup
I got dumped. And let’s face it, ice cream binges and drastic haircuts are never the best way to get a fresh start. That said, with the next season of Millionaire Matchmaker filming in just a few short weeks, I had to get it together. I took down our pictures, threw out his cards and called my best friend. In true Ashlynn style, she showed up with wine and a game plan. Read more