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Patia Eaton Patia Eaton grew up just south of Seattle, Washington. An avid equestrian, Patia owned and showed horses starting at the age of 9 and continued her riding at Washington State University where she studied Public Relations. After earning her Bachelor’s in only three years, Patia landed an internship at Lizzie Grubman Public Relations in New York City. The catch? She had to start only two days after her last college class.

An intern by day and a cocktail waitress by night, Patia rented a room in Alphabet City. She was only 20 so naturally New York was a huge culture shock. She jokes that paying rent in NYC is probably her biggest accomplishment to date.

Following her internship she met Patti Stanger and when The Millionaire Matchmaker started filming its fourth season in New York, Patia joined Patti’s team and eventually found herself moving to Los Angeles to continue her adventure.

Now 23, with Hollywood digs and a boss who just happens to be a world-famous matchmaker – what’s it like being single in the city?

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The 10 best messages I received on

 1. “Your brunette friend is beautiful.” Hitting on my friend is an interesting approach. Does that work? Is that a thing? 2. “My aunt has horses.” I know. 3. “I’m luring girls to my apartment with candy; which do you … Continue reading

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Finding the perfect roommate

Sometimes having a roommate means living with your best friend and always having a partner in crime. For those less fortunate, having a bad roommate will ruin your home life. I’ve had both. The best one was my childhood friend, Carley. We … Continue reading

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Twenty four: Why your ’20s are awesome

Single in the City: Turning 24

I recently turned twenty-four. 2. 4. That’s MID TWENTIES. I spent the week leading up to my birthday having an unnecessary panic attack and when my birthday passed, I didn’t feel any different. You should embrace life at every age but if you’re … Continue reading

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The balancing act

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but when Jack grows up to be very rich, he will laugh at all of us from a lounge chair looking out at his infinity pool. At least, that’s what … Continue reading

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Bittersweet wedding blues

Patia on bittersweet wedding blues

I met Jessica in third grade. She stood by me even after I projectile vomited on the audience during our fourth grade choir concert. So I stood by her even when she disclosed she had chosen Infinity Dresses for her … Continue reading

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Patti’s birthday bash

Patia Eaton and Ashlynn Yennie at Blushington

It’s hard to believe I ever had a nine-to-five job where we celebrated coworkers’ birthdays at an awkward table in our office kitchen or copy room. Last thursday, my boss lady celebrated her birthday and launch of at Koi … Continue reading

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