A Single in the City girls’ night

Dry Bar for a girls' night outSince dating has been going SO well for me, I decided it was time for a girl’s night. No.  Boyz. Allowed. I met Ashlynn when I first moved to New York City three years ago. We were standing outside a bar in Midtown (weird) and she was smoking a cig like the coolest person I’ve ever met. It was love at first sight. She taught me how to order my first drink!  Now, we’re pretty much inseparable, hence moving cross country together. We’re also bonded by insanely curly hair. So what better way to treat ourselves than to leave our mane-taming to the pros?

First stop, The Drybar. It’s perfectly girly and, at only $35 a pop, totally affordable for me and my comrades. You can opt for big bouncy curls, beachy waves, sleek and straight or anywhere in between — and the wash is included! Going somewhere more formal? Drybar also offers updos. I love the West Hollywood location because it’s right next door to Blushington.

Anytime I try and apply my own eye makeup, something goes horribly wrong, but Blushington has all the answers. Like Drybar, you get the same phenomenal service that you can at a high-end, full-service salon without the uppity atmosphere or price tag. Their menu offers up an array of options ranging from eyes-only ($30) to full-on, camera ready looks ($50).  If you’re not sold already, the decor is so pretty you’ll want to lick the wall.  Don’t, though.

We’re finally ready for dinner. Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills is our go-to for the perfect mix of fancy pants and good eatin’. Their spicy tuna rolls are last-meal-worthy and the chocolate molten cake will change your life. I love it because you can get as dressed up as you want or just throw on jeans and a cute top. Oh, and there’s plenty of parking, which melts my suburban heart every time.

Last stop, Firefly in Studio City. “In the valley,” you ask? YES. This place always has a great scene.

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