5 Changes you need to make to have a New Year’s Eve kiss

New Year’s Eve is creeping up on us and I think, in general, the sentiment is to dread New Year’s Eve, especially when you’re single. I know that I do the years that I’m single. It feels like there’s so much expectation tied up in the night and so little you can do to impact how the evening goes. Well, I’m here to tell you that, despite how it feels, you actually can do quite a bit to impact how your evening goes. Here are the changes you need to make right away so you can choose from your pick of suitors to spend New Year’s Eve with.

Post professional pictures

I get so much push back from women when I tell them that they need to invest in professional pictures for their dating profiles…and get their hair and makeup done professionally for the photoshoot… but this is a non-negotiable. Men are visual creatures and pictures are the most important part of your profile. These need to be recent pictures where you look your absolute best and you need at least one full-body shot. You don’t have to like doing it, but you do need to do it.

Make your profile about you

So many of my friends and new clients show me their dating profiles and I’m stunned to see that all they write about in their profile is what they’re looking for. Nothing about who they are, what they like and what’s great about them. Could you imagine online shopping for a new car and only reading about the person that should buy this car and not getting any information about the car. You’re making a huge investment. You want details on what you’re buying, right? That’s the same thing for online dating. Going on a first date and even chatting with someone online is an investment. Make sure you entice potential dudes to invest in you by flaunting them what you got.

Ask a profile question

Starting a chat via a dating app is a lot of work. And many men aren’t that good at it. Being bad at online chatting isn’t a sign that a man is bad at conversation in person, but it could prevent you from ever finding out. So, make it easy for online-chat-deficient dudes by adding a few questions to your profile that they can answer in their opening message to you. Make the questions open-ended and about a topic you’re genuinely interested in discussing. Of course, stay away from politics and religion or anything else that could lead to a fight immediately. Not your goal here.

Write it down

I’m a huge believer in making your dreams come true by writing them down. Write down everything you want in your New Year’s Eve date, and life partner if that’s what you’re looking for. I like handwriting these wish lists. Write them in the present tense and truly believe that you’re deserving of this dream date. Then, put the list in a safe place. I’ve truly found that writing down your dreams is the best way to make them happen. And this list doesn’t just have to be limited to my typical five non-negotiables. This is very different. This is use asking the Universe (or whatever you believe in!) to send you this perfect gift of a man. It’s not a checklist to measure potential dates against. So, dream big and get specific with your list.

Think positively

Focus on the good stuff and you’ll feel better about your life. This is true for everything and definitely applies to dating and New Year’s Eve planning. If you go into every online chat or date or holiday party with a sucky attitude, they’re so much more likely to suck and not lead to a connection or New Year’s Eve kiss. Instead of being negative or even realistic, spend some time thinking about the best case scenario before every interaction with a potential New Year’s Eve boo and you’ll be far more likely to enjoy yourself and be enjoyable!

Single girls, I hope that helps you gear up for the countdown to New Year’s Eve. Everyone deserves to have a special kiss when the clock strikes midnight. If you set yourself up for success starting now, you’ll definitely get your special kiss!


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